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Where the Wee Ones Go

Where the Wee Ones Go


    A Bedtime Wish for Endangered Animals.

    Wee readers will connect with wee endangered-animals in this mesmerizing bedtime book, promoting environmental awareness and encouraging the very sweetest of dreams! 

    When stars are out and the moon’s above,
    where do the wee ones go, my love?
    Where do the wee ones go?

    Where do endangered animals go to sleep? Immerse yourself in the lush beauty of this bedtime picture book and find out. From the Pacific Ocean to China’s mountains, the Australian outback, and beyond, each baby animal has a warm, safe place to fall asleep.

    With a variety of baby endangered animals and their mamas gracing each gorgeous spread, readers will be transfixed by richly-illustrated scenes that span the globe and capture each creature’s unique habitat. Snuggle close like a sweet panda, curl up like a cozy koala, and drift off like a drowsy elephant, letting the sweeping environments and soothing bedtime rituals of this gentle animal lullaby lull even the most restless little dreamers into a deep and peaceful sleep.


    Key Features:

    • Hardcover
    • 36 pages
    • 9.88 x 0.25 x 10.38 inches
    • Recommended for ages 3+


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